Shadow Mapping with LibGdx


In this tutorial we will see how to do some shadow mapping with Libgdx, it will cover some specific points :

  • Directional Lights
  • Point Lights
  • Multiple lights, multi-pass / forward rendering
  • It will cover shadows, not lighting techniques (colors, reflection,…)

It is best if you already have some knowledge about :

  • 3D with Libgdx
  • Shaders

Read / Download

Offline read, PDF format

Shadow Mapping with LibGdx (PDF format)

Online read, HTML

Shadow Mapping with LibGdx, HTML, split chapters

Shadow Mapping with LibGdx, HTML, merged chapters (one file)

Source code, project

Source code




Work-in-progress / contributing

The above links contain stable version of this tutorial, development version are available on GitHub: