You can get some (mostly free) resources for your own project (games, applications,…)

Resources have specific license (CC0, attribution, …), please check them before downloading.

If attribution need to be given, you can just link to this website ( or my twitter account (@Haedri)




image23Shadow Mapping with LibGdx

Adding realistic shadows in a 3d LibGdx game: point lights, directional lights, multiple lights,…




Art assets

UI elements, sprites, anything “graphical”


capture_2014-05-05_17-37-30_Free (CC0) UI elements to be used in your LibGdx games

Some original and derivated work for UI elements to be used with LibGdx (atlas pack format)






Code snippets, small tutorials, anything related to programming


Fixed page width in webview

 Using a fixed page width in a WebView on Android (or PhoneGap) can be a pain, this page can help you get something almost correct.

Memory management for Android game

First time making a Android game ? this could help you get pass some lag issues with garbage collection


Libgdx, how to draw a tinted image on a pixmap

Equivalent of drawing a tinted image with SpriteBatch, except you do it on a pixmap.


Java 2d tips and tricks (part 1)

Starting with Java 2D ? here’s a few tricks that might help you