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May, 2012

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Your island has been invaded by aliens during the night, take your shotgun, and kick them out!

Snorms is an isometric & top-view arcade-shooter with loads of weapons, maps and monsters. You play a mecha-soldier resting on his native island, but it is quickly overrun by monsters from outer space and no outside help is available. You put on your armor, take your shotgun and go to find out what happened at the peril of your life.

Explore load of levels, find keys to access new zones, avoid the traps, and try to get out alive from these labyrinths.

3 episodes, 41 levels to explore including 4 secrets ones, find all secrets and search all the video-games references scattered along the path.

★Fighting and weapons★
"Aliens want you dead, and you don't want to die!"
You will face more than twenty different kind of monsters during your journey; avoid homing fireballs, missiles, and all the other atrocities aliens prepared for you.

Fortunately, you will not fight alone; you are accompanied by the best weapons available: starting from a simple shotgun you might end with powerful weapons such as fragmentation missiles, chain lightning or bombardment!
Find all the 14 weapons and upgrade them to make them even more devastating!

Rediscover the pleasure of killing monsters, these monsters might not be very smart, but they are many and strong. Beware; some are particularly tough!
Remember that you can increase your level / characteristics, but they can too, they might discover new skills later in the adventure!

4 difficulty settings are available, from casual gamer to hardcore gamer everyone will get appropriate difficulty. Best warriors can also try Nightmare mode (unlockable), but only if they are ready to die!

Try to get all achievements, find all the treasures, finish levels quickly (SpeedRun!) or try to beat the game with a 100% score everywhere. There are great rewards awaiting.

★Try it now!★
The first episode is available for free on Windows/Mac/Linux!
And if you like it, you should definitely purchase the full version.


Snorms was born from the desire to create a shooting game in an isometric view based on old Doom games gameplay (labyrinthine levels, enemy infighting, etc.) while adding modern enhancements: experience, upgradeable weapons, leveling, etc.
The project began in early August 2011, first public alpha version was made available for free on December 2011 and on March 2012 the game has been accepted for alpha funding on Desura.com.
After 3 months of Alpha the final 1.0 version is finally available for 6.99 € on Desura.com and Snorms.com !
In April 2013, version 2.0 has been made available, featuring top-view, gamepad support, achievements,...
And in may-june 2013 Snorms has been selected by the Indie Game Stand community to appear in a daily sale


  • Arcade-shooter (isometric or top-view)
  • Hours of shooting
  • 4 difficulty settings
  • 37 levels + 4 secret levels
  • 14 upgradeable weapons
  • 22 unique monsters
  • 100 achievements
  • Experience and levelling system


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Selected by community to appear on IGS." Indie Game Stand, June 2013

Selected Articles

  • "Si vous êtes nostalgique des jeux vidéo optant pour une vue isométrique, vous risquez bien de tomber sous le charme d'un certain Snorms"
    - jeuxvideo.com, jeuxvideo.com
  • "Snorms is an isometric shooter that caught our eye and certainly seems worthy of sharing."
    - Chris Priestman, Indiegamemag

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Snorms Credits

Jean-Baptiste Simillon
Game Designer, Development


Jean-Baptiste Simillon

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