Developer diary

Alien Blitz: mobile update coming soon (1.4.2)

Mobile version of Alien Blitz will soon be updated to 1.4.2, lots of changes that mostly came from some of the additions to the PC version, and some bug fixes.

The ads for the free version will also be removed (well, technically I will leave ads to the full version and the PC version of Alien Blitz, but these are my ads and they are less intrusive, no full screen ad).

I had LOTS and LOTS of problems getting these versions ready, I made some changes to the build system for the PC version and had to change a lot of things, and I had lots of problems on the ios version (everything needed to be updated to be compatible with latest ios version : ios, mac os, xcode, java, eclipse, robovm, libgdx)

If you encounter a problem with Robovm where it says there is no signing identity, or just if your mac can’t find any signing identity

$ find-identity -v -p codesigning
 0 valid identities found

Then it might be because there is an invalid Apple certificate on your system, and it seems the only solution is to remove the old one and import the new one manually :


Anyway, long story short, I have been able to publish the beta version on Google Play, so I will begin testing it, and the ios version will soon be also available on beta (test flight). So if everything goes well both versions should be updated during this month.

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Alien Blitz: Steam update 1.4.2, Steam trading cards

Steam update 1.4.2

Update 1.4.2 is now live on Steam, what’s new ?

  • [update] Steam trading cards are now available and will start dropping when playing Alien Blitz
  • [update] Updated some dependencies and cleaned up release files
  • [update] Some early maps have been updated, adding some details or made route easier to find
  • [bug] Save directory is now created by Steam, in case of authorization errors



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Alien Blitz: small update

Just made live a small update on Steam, still the same version, just a different build :

  • Updated the first 3 maps: added some more details, and made the alternate doors open only when final button is pressed in first map

Regarding new models, I couldn’t get anything good lately, so I’ll continue trying for a bit, but I might end up leaving the current models as they are.

And finally work on the Steam trading card is in progress.

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Alien Blitz: Steam update 1.4.1

Steam update 1.4.1

Update 1.4.1 is now live on Steam, what’s new ?

  • [update] Changed model of the small sentry (first enemy encountered)
  • [update] Changed texture of the brownie (second enemy encountered), it was sometimes hard to distinguish it from floor/walls
  • [update] Removed enemy corpses, replaced with particles
  • [update] Changed the effect when monsters are resurrected, using corpse particles
  • [update] The main menu background will now switch depending on your progress in the game
  • [update] Initial loading screen has been updated (higher resolution, twitter link)
  • [bug] Corrected an OpenGL error that could happen when quitting the game
  • [bug] Removed nightmare 100% speedrun from leaderboards, this category is not interesting as the 100% is computed for any difficulty in the game
  • [bug] Sprites models were not visible in the level editor


I’ve also added a beta branch on Steam, at the moment anyone can access it, I might add some restrictions later if needed. This branch is there for me to test some development updates before making them live, use at your own risk 🙂 but tests are welcome and greatly appreciated (I usually post news on this blog when something new is coming).


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Alien Blitz: new model, death corpse

New model

I began working on a new model, first model is the first monster you will encounter.


It is now replaced with a small robot on tracks, it looks kinda funny, just what I want as this monster is just here to get killed.

capture_2016-03-12_16-05-58_0622_Alien_Blitz_ capture_2016-03-12_16-07-22_0536_Blender_home_jb_jbs_Projets_Microbasic_AlienBlitz_

I had to change the way my shaders work as now I use the material diffuse color instead of texture for these new models.


Death corpse

The death corpses have been removed, and replaced with particles. These particles speed, count, and direction will depend on the last hit the actor received. They will bounce and stay on the ground a few seconds before disappearing.

capture_2016-03-12_16-06-02_0077_Alien_Blitz_ capture_2016-03-12_16-06-10_0117_Alien_Blitz_


What next ?

I had to make a few changes to monster movements (smoothing them) to fit the new model (that is on tracks, and not “walking”). So I need to test a few things to make sure everything’s fine for other monsters, and also make sure there is no problem with the new shader.

When its done I will update the Steam version.

And next monster I will work on will be the second one you encounter (and its “upgraded” version)

preview-monsters-brownie_attack preview-monsters-grownie_attack

I will probably change the brown color as it is often hard to see this monster on ground (which are usually kinda brown too).

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Alien Blitz: post launch first bug (and first update)

The game was launched, a few people tried it, and I received my first (automatic) bug reports. I had 3 bug reports, for the same bug, but at different places in the code.

No OpenGL context found in the current thread.

It’s basically a call to OpenGL that fails because it is missing OpenGL context even though we are inside a LibGdx loop… so this case should never happen.

So I will first update LibGdx from 1.8.0 to 1.9.2, I don’t see anything in the changelog related to this bug, but we never know (and it’s best if I want to fill a bug report)

This update should be live now, if you encounter this error and have any information I could use (configuration, save file, anything) don’t hesitate to drop me an email support <at>
As these bug reports were automatic I don’t have any context to analyze, it might just be because the game was exited abruptly (so the OpenGL call is made while OpenGL is being killed, this would explain why the 3 bug reports happened in the menus).

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Alien Blitz is now available on Steam !


Alien Blitz is now available on Steam (early access) !


I’m very pleased to announce that Alien Blitz is now available on Steam (Windows/Linux/MacOS) !
And to celebrate that price its is reduced !

Open Steam Store page

Early access

Alien Blitz is in early access, it means not all features are currently available, what is planned to be added before release:

  • Some new models for monsters
  • New artworks and trading cards
  • Bugs correction

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Alien Blitz: ready for release ?

A few small changes:

  • Corrected a few french texts, usually when writing in french it takes more space than in english so I had to tweak a few texts and buttons size
  • The last level will now never be considered completed (will still show as “Play” on map selection screen), as “story-wise” it didn’t really fit 🙂
  • Corrected a random bug that could crash the game (this one also exists on Mobile, so I’ll have to release a fix there too)
  • Added a fail-safe if game cannot contact Steam through its API (in this case process was launched but with no window, so it couldn’t be easily killed)

There might be a few last-minute changes before tomorrow’s release, but it should be all good.

Release is still planned tomorrow, end of afternoon European time. Steam keys for Desura (if it is still possible) and Indie Game Stand should be available during the week.

I began working on some new sprites/models for monsters, I will continue working on this during Early Access.

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Alien Bitz: news

Lots of tests these last days, some friends also helped me testing, a few changes:

  • The player will now climb very quickly small steps (1 cube difference) instead of jumping
  • Corrected a bug where player could get stuck in a wall and was unable to move (very rare bug, but it happened to me once)
  • Some small corrections in a few levels (bad texture, checkpoint that could be activated through wall, monsters spawning partially inside floor…)
  • Changed a bit monsters behavior while reloading, they will still randomly move around (toward the player or not), but once they can shoot again they will stop moving and shoot.

There is still a bug where sometimes when using alt-tab in full-screen it is not possible to restore the game window (especially when steam overlay is activated), I could not find the cause yet, and it just happens on Windows, but I’ll continue looking into it.
The game is perfectly playable in windowed mode since it does not capture mouse and its window is fully re-sizable, but finding the cause would be better.

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