Server update, better https

Long time no news, but just a small blog entry this time


The website has been transferred to a new server, with more RAM in order to run docker.

So now WordPress and everything else (nginx, letsencrypt) has been moved to docker, it will make updates a lot easier.

I’ve also improved the http to https transition, there should not be mixed content anymore (hopefully) thanks to “Really Simple SSL” wordpress plugin.

If you notice something missing please contact me.

Game dev

These last years/months I’ve been thinking a lot about my next games, I’ve changed my mind A LOT :

  • Make a small game that I’m more likely to finish
  • Make a bigger game that is more interesting to code
  • Use a game engine (unity, udk,…) that will make programming easier
  • Continue using a custom game engine that is more interesting to code
  • Make a complete new game or continue Alien Blitz

Lately I’m more inclined to make a new game based on Alien Blitz but

  • More adventure focused
    • Huge main map to explore by unlocking abilities (metroidvania, zelda,…)
    • Smaller maps/dungeons/levels with skills to unlock, items to retrieve,…
  • With my own game engine based on LibGdx and/or Lwjgl
    • Inspired by my old engine
    • no support for mobile (so less limitations)
    • fully dynamic lights
  • And with a better game design
    • Better story (it will be an Alien Blitz story, but we completely ignore previous game)
    • Fully customizable weapons (like what I wanted to do in very first versions of Alien Blitz, but more complete) and a true skill tree
    • Progression through story/skills/weapons/… no more experience/leveling

I first have to work on better foundations for my game engine, especially for the lighting stuffs, it’s quite hard to get started but I hope I will have some things to show on this blog later on.

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