Tutorial updated : Shadow Mapping with LibGdx

I’ve updated the tutorial on Shadow Mapping available here and also on GitHub

  • Corrected a few mistakes and a bad screenshot in part 2
  • Updated to LibGdx 1.9.3
  • Changed the sample scene, previous one was not compatible with latest LibGdx version (I just removed some unused vertices on the external walls, to lower vertices count)
  • Adapted code with the FrameBufferCubemap from LibGdx (still using my own class for a few helper functions though)
  • Corrected a few mistakes in the code


What I wanted to do mostly was to update the LibGdx version, and correct a few mistakes that were reported on GitHub. And now I guess I’ll try to add a new part using lwjgl 3 (desktop only) and make use of the update OpenGL version it provides.

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