Alien Blitz: Steam update 1.4.5, “the controller update”

Alien Blitz Steam update 1.4.5

Update 1.4.5 is now live on Steam, what’s new ?

  • [new] Axis can now be used as buttons when using a controller (triggers are usually considered axis)
  • [new] Right stick can now be used to aim for shooting
  • [new] Added a new button to shoot, it works the same as the previous one but is “placed” better when using the right axis to shoot
  • [update] Default controller configuration has been changed (previous one is reset) : Left/right (LT/RT) triggers are used to switch weapon (xbox controller) and RB can be used to shoot
  • [update] reduced default aim assist when using a controller, since it’s now easier to aim it is now reduced it to 30% by default. This can still be changed in the option (and will be not be changed if you have already played the game)

New controller mapping

I wanted to use the right stick to shoot as it was requested by some players, but ended up with a few mapping problems, that’s why I decided to provide a way to use the triggers as buttons.


I’m not used to play with controllers, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you have suggestions, I took my inspiration on the way Enter the Gungeon handles controller to be sure I was doing something correct (right stick to turn around and RB to shoot).
The main difference being that when the right stick is not used it reverts to old behavior and will shoot in the direction player is facing. But now you can also move in one direction and shoot in the opposite one at the same time.

There is currently one very small issue on Linux, if you have already played the game the default configuration will be the Windows one, just navigate to the Options menu and you can change your mapping there, or remove the config file (in the saves directory).
If it’s the first time you launch the game on Linux (or if you have removed the option file) then everything should be ok (assuming you have a xbox controller)

I don’t know why but on Linux sticks use different axis and RT/LT are two separate axis (they are a single one on Windows), and due to the way I initialize configuration I couldn’t update existing configuration easily if configuration file already exists.

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