Alien Blitz: Steam update 1.4.4

Alien Blitz Steam update 1.4.4

Update 1.4.4 is now live on Steam, what’s new ?

  • [new] Save slot selection, when starting the game choose from 3 save slot selection to play.
  • [new] Added an option to confine the mouse to the game (activated by default), it means the mouse can not exit the game window when playing, it is released when opening a menu.
  • [update] COMPET-N challenge/achievement now needs to be done under 2 hours instead of 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • [update] In game buttons are now disabled by default.
  • [update] Resolution and fullscreen changes now have a confirmation box with a delay (15 seconds) to confirm changes. This should solve some issues with resolution change
  • [update] Weapon can now be switched mid-reload in hard and more difficulty (you have to wait half reload time before being able to switch, it was full reload time before, it’s still immediate in easy/normal)
  • [bug] UAC sprite for challenge was invisible

Mouse confining

Sadly there is no way to use the system cursor and activate mouse confining (as far as I know), so it means I had to handle cursor myself (draw an image at theoretical cursor position).
I was a bit afraid as from experience rendering cursor manually can have some shitty effect (menus in Skyrim feel very lagy for example).
Testing both cursors at the same time (system and manual) the manual cursor is always a bit behind when moving the mouse quickly, but not enough to be a problem. So the option is activated by default.
But it can be deactivated in the options if the user wants a “perfect” system cursor.

I think if you have a 120fps or more monitor it might be better to deactivate this option, my 120hz monitor is not available for testing at the moment, so I will check that later.

Save slot

Save slots have been limited to 3 slots, there’s nothing preventing me to add more but I think it is enough.


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