Alien Blitz: mobile update 1.4.2

Alien Blitz has been updated to version 1.4.2 on Mobile (Android / iOs):

Depending on platforms it might take a few hours for the update to be available.

And of course in case you missed it, Alien Blitz is also available on Steam !



Some mobile specific updates and also updates coming from the PC version :

  • Banner ads for the free version have been completely changed, there are just 2 ads randomly displayed for the full version and for the pc version of Alien Blitz. So thoses are just my ads 🙂
  • No more full screen ads for the free version
  • Removed permission related to ads (location) for the free version
  • Corrected a random bug that could crash your game while playing
  • Removed message for the greenlight version
  • Changed two monsters sprites to make them more visible
  • Replaced enemy corpses with particles
  • Initial loading screen has been updated
  • The player will now climb very quickly small steps (1 cube difference) instead of jumping
  • Discovered money boxes are now visible in the map (yellow marks)
  • Barrels are no longer visible in the map (just regular monsters are)
  • It is now possible to move around in the in-game map using the gamepad axis
  • Added a small 100% icon when 100% of the level is completed, this avoid going to the in-game map to check stats
  • Checkpoints are now more easy to activate on hard difficulty
  • After completing the game the player can now hold more weapons
  • Weapons can be upgraded even more in nightmare mode
  • More ammo can be carried in nightmare mode

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