Alien Blitz: mobile update coming soon (1.4.2)

Mobile version of Alien Blitz will soon be updated to 1.4.2, lots of changes that mostly came from some of the additions to the PC version, and some bug fixes.

The ads for the free version will also be removed (well, technically I will leave ads to the full version and the PC version of Alien Blitz, but these are my ads and they are less intrusive, no full screen ad).

I had LOTS and LOTS of problems getting these versions ready, I made some changes to the build system for the PC version and had to change a lot of things, and I had lots of problems on the ios version (everything needed to be updated to be compatible with latest ios version : ios, mac os, xcode, java, eclipse, robovm, libgdx)

If you encounter a problem with Robovm where it says there is no signing identity, or just if your mac can’t find any signing identity

$ find-identity -v -p codesigning
 0 valid identities found

Then it might be because there is an invalid Apple certificate on your system, and it seems the only solution is to remove the old one and import the new one manually :


Anyway, long story short, I have been able to publish the beta version on Google Play, so I will begin testing it, and the ios version will soon be also available on beta (test flight). So if everything goes well both versions should be updated during this month.

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