Alien Blitz: Steam update 1.4.1

Steam update 1.4.1

Update 1.4.1 is now live on Steam, what’s new ?

  • [update] Changed model of the small sentry (first enemy encountered)
  • [update] Changed texture of the brownie (second enemy encountered), it was sometimes hard to distinguish it from floor/walls
  • [update] Removed enemy corpses, replaced with particles
  • [update] Changed the effect when monsters are resurrected, using corpse particles
  • [update] The main menu background will now switch depending on your progress in the game
  • [update] Initial loading screen has been updated (higher resolution, twitter link)
  • [bug] Corrected an OpenGL error that could happen when quitting the game
  • [bug] Removed nightmare 100% speedrun from leaderboards, this category is not interesting as the 100% is computed for any difficulty in the game
  • [bug] Sprites models were not visible in the level editor


I’ve also added a beta branch on Steam, at the moment anyone can access it, I might add some restrictions later if needed. This branch is there for me to test some development updates before making them live, use at your own risk 🙂 but tests are welcome and greatly appreciated (I usually post news on this blog when something new is coming).


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