Alien Blitz: ready for release ?

A few small changes:

  • Corrected a few french texts, usually when writing in french it takes more space than in english so I had to tweak a few texts and buttons size
  • The last level will now never be considered completed (will still show as “Play” on map selection screen), as “story-wise” it didn’t really fit 🙂
  • Corrected a random bug that could crash the game (this one also exists on Mobile, so I’ll have to release a fix there too)
  • Added a fail-safe if game cannot contact Steam through its API (in this case process was launched but with no window, so it couldn’t be easily killed)

There might be a few last-minute changes before tomorrow’s release, but it should be all good.

Release is still planned tomorrow, end of afternoon European time. Steam keys for Desura (if it is still possible) and Indie Game Stand should be available during the week.

I began working on some new sprites/models for monsters, I will continue working on this during Early Access.

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