Alien Blitz: post launch first bug (and first update)

The game was launched, a few people tried it, and I received my first (automatic) bug reports. I had 3 bug reports, for the same bug, but at different places in the code.

No OpenGL context found in the current thread.

It’s basically a call to OpenGL that fails because it is missing OpenGL context even though we are inside a LibGdx loop… so this case should never happen.

So I will first update LibGdx from 1.8.0 to 1.9.2, I don’t see anything in the changelog related to this bug, but we never know (and it’s best if I want to fill a bug report)

This update should be live now, if you encounter this error and have any information I could use (configuration, save file, anything) don’t hesitate to drop me an email support <at>
As these bug reports were automatic I don’t have any context to analyze, it might just be because the game was exited abruptly (so the OpenGL call is made while OpenGL is being killed, this would explain why the 3 bug reports happened in the menus).

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