Alien Blitz: new model, death corpse

New model

I began working on a new model, first model is the first monster you will encounter.


It is now replaced with a small robot on tracks, it looks kinda funny, just what I want as this monster is just here to get killed.

capture_2016-03-12_16-05-58_0622_Alien_Blitz_ capture_2016-03-12_16-07-22_0536_Blender_home_jb_jbs_Projets_Microbasic_AlienBlitz_

I had to change the way my shaders work as now I use the material diffuse color instead of texture for these new models.


Death corpse

The death corpses have been removed, and replaced with particles. These particles speed, count, and direction will depend on the last hit the actor received. They will bounce and stay on the ground a few seconds before disappearing.

capture_2016-03-12_16-06-02_0077_Alien_Blitz_ capture_2016-03-12_16-06-10_0117_Alien_Blitz_


What next ?

I had to make a few changes to monster movements (smoothing them) to fit the new model (that is on tracks, and not “walking”). So I need to test a few things to make sure everything’s fine for other monsters, and also make sure there is no problem with the new shader.

When its done I will update the Steam version.

And next monster I will work on will be the second one you encounter (and its “upgraded” version)

preview-monsters-brownie_attack preview-monsters-grownie_attack

I will probably change the brown color as it is often hard to see this monster on ground (which are usually kinda brown too).

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