Alien Blitz PC: guides, balance, trailer, misc


Two steam guides for the level editor are now ready, one will explain the very basic of level editing (creating a map, testing it and publishing it), and the other list the available scripts and monsters.

I will have to create an advanced level making guide, but I will work on that later.


The chain lightning weapon was way over balanced, so I changed it a bit, it now needs a little more ammunitions (to the point where you can’t use it if it is your only weapon using cells), and takes way more time to reload. So it is still powerful (damage is the same), but you can’t spam it anymore, if you want to use it for emergency in a room it is ok, but if you plan to use it everywhere it will be too slow to be entertaining.

The bombardment reload time is also set a bit higher now, it was already slow, so I just tweaked it a bit.


Trailer for Steam is now almost ready, just a few tweaks needed, I used the same script as the Greenlight trailer, but updated it with up-to-date videos.


I’ve also moved from 720p @ 60fps to 1080p @ 60fps.


  • Save icon will appear on screen when saving, save is so quick that it will be displayed during 1 second after save is complete

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