Alien Blitz news: advancement, level editor, maps, misc


As of today most of the technical stuff and levels are theoretically ready for release, but need more testing 🙂

I am currently writing and designing everything needed for Steam (background, headers, descriptions,…)

I will work on Steam cards and such during early access, I also want to improve existing models (animating some monsters, updating some models,…) but I will do that during early access.

If everything goes well I plan to release the game in early access during March, maybe even February. And early access will last around 2 or 3 months.




4 new maps are now available, for a total of 10 extra maps!


This map uses the new invisible teleportation effect. Sadly due to technical limitation it is noticeable in one part, but it’s good enough.

(moving to the right stairs will teleport you to the next floor)

Player has to climb a tower, moving from floors to floors (and sometimes back to previous floors of course) up to the boss.

Arenas : small/medium/big

Arenas are maps where waves of monsters spawn and try to kill the player. Those are heavily scripted maps mostly based on timers

arena-big arena-medium arena-small

These maps and the generated waves are based on my – currently – abandoned tower defense like project. It was quicker to make them since some work was already done.

I think I’ll add more of these arenas in a collection.


Level editor

  • New level options
    • Arena levels needed of few options to remove infight and handle some specific stuffs, so there are now options that can be set for those
  • New scripting options
    • Made some specific triggers to handle shadow teleportation
    • Some new scripting commands for arenas



  • Corrected some misc bugs, they might happen on mobile too, not sure, need to check them
    • It was possible to shoot through small walls, on some specific angles
    • Weird teleportation effect after a material element dies
    • Turrets were partially visible through walls
  • It is not possible to die in the first map now, player will just be teleported back to the beach (since there is no checkpoint in this map, this was the best solution)


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