Alien Bitz: news

Lots of tests these last days, some friends also helped me testing, a few changes:

  • The player will now climb very quickly small steps (1 cube difference) instead of jumping
  • Corrected a bug where player could get stuck in a wall and was unable to move (very rare bug, but it happened to me once)
  • Some small corrections in a few levels (bad texture, checkpoint that could be activated through wall, monsters spawning partially inside floor…)
  • Changed a bit monsters behavior while reloading, they will still randomly move around (toward the player or not), but once they can shoot again they will stop moving and shoot.

There is still a bug where sometimes when using alt-tab in full-screen it is not possible to restore the game window (especially when steam overlay is activated), I could not find the cause yet, and it just happens on Windows, but I’ll continue looking into it.
The game is perfectly playable in windowed mode since it does not capture mouse and its window is fully re-sizable, but finding the cause would be better.

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