Alien Blitz: Steam workshop 2


The extra menu is now done, I have decided that clicking extra will replace the main right menu, with the new options.

capture_2016-01-11_20-39-36_0754_Alien_Blitz_ capture_2016-01-11_20-39-39_0942_Alien_Blitz_

There are currently a few menus:

  • Extra maps: to play maps from level editor or from Steam Workshop
  • Level editor: to launch the level editor
  • Mods: to enable some modifications (quick reload, FPS mode,…)

But later on it will be a good place to add extra items if needed.

Level selection

Level selection screen (“Extra maps”) has been completely reworked.


From there you can test your own maps (automatically added) and the subscribed maps from Steam.

Map publishing

When a local map (map made with the level editor) is completed the map publishing tool appears.

capture_2016-01-11_20-35-22_0444_Alien_Blitz_ capture_2016-01-11_20-35-51_0884_Alien_Blitz_

You are presented with a small checklist to ensure everything is in order:

  • Map file will always be available, or else you could not play the map 🙂
  • Preview file must be a png file placed next to map file (or can be overridden if file is elsewhere). There is a key in-game (currently set to F4) to quickly make screenshots to be used as preview, but it can also be any image.
  • Title and descriptions must be set in the map options of the level editor.

If everything is in order you are presented with the upload button. If game detect the filename has already been used in your cloud then it adds an option to update an existing workshop item instead of creating a new one.


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