Alien Blitz: Steam integration – progress report

Steam integration – progress report

  • Deployment: Windows/Linux/Mac versions are working fine so far, installing and running without troubles
  • Achievements: all achievements have been integrated, there are 23 of them (2 are secret)
  • Leaderboards: 4 leaderboards for completing the game as fast as possible
  • Steam workshop: using level editor to make level, then publishing and/or downloading them works fine
  • Cloud: cloud saves are working, and multi-platform

So to sum-up integration is complete now, everything is working fine with Steam API.

What remain is:

  • Bug correction: still a few small bugs and/or improvements specific to the PC version
  • Level editor: add a toolbar or menu to help editing
  • Making guides for Steam Workshop
  • Making artwork for Steam store page and such
  • Making a trailer
  • Making a few levels to be available on Workshop on launch
  • Preparing press-release, forum posts,….
  • A few things here and there… 🙂

I also need to work on badges, cards and such, but didn’t look much into that yet.

So technically nothing huge is missing, just a few things to add and polish the game… but a lot of work on communication items.

(one of the new map, in the level editor)


Libgdx 1.8

I have updated LibGdx to version 1.8, no major changes, just wanted to be up-to-date. At first I mostly wanted to get the multi-monitor support, but I noticed afterwards that it was only available when using Lwjgl 3, and I don’t want to make the switch right now, it’s too soon in my opinion.

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