Alien Blitz PC: update


Alien Blitz on PC is coming along, nothing done specific to Steam though:

  • Changed a bit the way checkpoint works
    • First checkpoint is still free but is now activated automatically
    • Moving checkpoint is still free but is now done automatically
    • When dying (and using a checkpoint) a popup will be displayed (pauses the game) to explain what is going on, and you can pay to re-activate the checkpoint
    • So no more forgetting to activate checkpoints, and checkpoints are better explained


  • Changes on the monster AI
    • Monsters will follow player a lot more, and use more pathfinding
    • Monsters will not stop moving when player is in sight, instead they will fire, and move closer to the player (or around) while reloading
    • Some monsters in episode 3 will be in “frenzy” mode (very high fire rate) or invisible, as any can be (randomly) in hell mode


  • Changed balance, mostly at high level, in new game + (nightmare mode) or new game ++ (hell mode)
    • After completing the game (in easy/normal/hard) player can hold 2 more weapons
    • After completing the game in nightmare player can hold 2 more weapons (so up to 10 when completing twice the game)
    • In hard/nightmare mode items will give more ammos than before (as much as in normal mode)
    • In nightmare mode player can carry more ammos
    • In hell mode player can carry even more ammos
    • In nightmare/hell mode weapons can go higher than level 20, each level above 20 will cost the same as going from 19 to 20.
    • Bosses have less HP in nightmare/hell mode than before
    • Monsters are a bit lower level at the end of nightmare mode
    • Bosses don’t regain HP after using a checkpoint


  • New level editor scripting options
    • Shadow teleportation, teleportation that is almost invisible to the player, can be used to simulate going on higher floors (the same kind that was used in duke Nukem 3d when going upstairs in the cinema for example)
    • Possibility to set monsters in frenzy or invisible mode


  • Downloadable content
    • One more map fully done, this makes a total of 5 maps out of the 10 promised at launch
    • Two more maps will be soon finished


(the new checkpoint popup after dying and using one)


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