Alien Blitz PC: update, trees


Some more changes

  • Discovered money boxes are now visible in the map (yellow marks)
  • Barrels are no longer visible in the map (just regular monsters are)
  • Downloaded maps no longer give less xp/money

And I’ve also been working on details, such as trees:


A friend at work told me I should try to add more decorative objects in my levels, and it is a pretty good idea.
I began working on trees as I like doing low-poly trees, I first used a tree I did for a potential new version of Crazy Minecart, but it didn’t fit very well.
So I ended up doing a very simple pine tree heavily inspired by tree. I didn’t use any of his trees directly as I has some trouble integrating them (my shaders are not very well compatible).
These trees and all other decorative stuff are not solid, and they don’t block viewport (I will also probably make them partially invisible when enemies are near them).

I will also add more exterior stuff such as other type of trees, rocks and grass. And I need to find ideas for stuff to add to interiors too.

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