Alien Blitz PC: news, maps


  • Maps
    • All maps have been reviewed, adding details, shrinking some rooms, correcting small texture glitches,…
    • There are two types of tress and grass that can now be added to maps
  • Cleanup
    • Nothing fancy, but I changed a lot of things about how are stored sprites. Before that I had to include isometric sprites in the game to get some information (size,…), now they are gone and these information are stored in a json file. It make the game slightly quicker to load and slightly smaller in size (just a few kb), but more important it makes it easier to add new sprites.
  • Level editor
    • Lots of bug correction, now that the editor is meant to be public it needs to be cleaned up
    • Some tools have been added to ease map creation (for example is it now possible to move sprites by 0.5 units, to place them more accurately)


New map: river

One new map is completed, this map is the one that took me the longest time to complete, a lot more detail than in any other map I believe (though episodes maps have been updated constantly, it is harder to know the total time I spend on them).

capture_2016-01-30_01-15-10_0653_Alien_Blitz_ capture_2016-01-30_01-16-02_0029_Alien_Blitz_Level_editor_

Next map will be a tower map, that will use the new teleportation system to make player believe he is climbing floors. And I think last 3 maps before release will be more arena-like, lots of monsters, waves, fun to play, more scripting, but less details/level complexity.

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