Alien Blitz has been greenlit!


Alien Blitz has been Greenlit on Steam !

I’m very pleased to announce that Alien Blitz has been Greenlit on Steam this week!

This means Alien Blitz will be available (in a few weeks/months) on Steam for Windows, OSX & Linux !

Release information

  • Release date: not available yet, integrating Steam might take some time
  • OS: Windows, OSX & Linux/SteamOS
  • Early access: only used for beta testing / bug corrections, all levels/features will be included
  • Achievements: Steam achievements will be available in the game (along with in-game specific achievements)
  • Controller support: full gamepad support & mouse+keyboard & keyboard only
  • Cloud: saved games will be available in Steam cloud
  • Leaderboards: speedrun specific leaderboards will be available (2 categories planned currently, any% and any% nightmare, complete the game as fast as possible)
  • Level editor: level editor & integrated level sharing


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