Achievement unlocked! unlock achievements


Steam integration is going on nicely, using steamworks4j it was very easy, a lot easier than Google Play Games or Apple Game Center.

I’ve just implemented one achievement and it’s just plugged to a test button, but integrating everything will be pretty straight forward from now on.


There are too many achievements in the game, and some don’t really fit with Steam achievements (all speed-running ones for example), so I’ve decided to select a bit more than 20 of the current achievements for Steam integration.

Current achievements will remain as they are not account dependent (you can unlock them again on a new save) and give in-game money, but I will probably rename them to avoid confusion with Steam achievements.



I’ve also tested a bit streaming, I didn’t have to do anything, it worked immediately out of the box. I had some input lags, but I was using wifi and the streaming PC is not very powerfull, so I guess it’s ok.


Cloud saving

Cloud saving has been integrated, again it was very easy, I just add to tell Steam where to look for save files and that’s it, everything is automatic.

Capture d’écran_2016-01-09_16-02-13



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