Alien Blitz PC: camera


Camera has been changed one more time on PC, up to now I was using the same camera as mobile version. This camera zoom & unzoom depending on context (size of the room, shoot from far away,…), this is done because mobile screen are smaller so we need to be “near” the action, and furthermore there’s no easy way to move camera.

On PC things are different, screens are a lot bigger, and moving camera around is easy (right click with the mouse or secondary stick with a gamepad)

Problem with the mobile version of the camera is that there is a weird effect where it seems that the game is lagging (especially noticeable when moving and the camera unzooms). This effect is not very visible on mobile (mainly because we can’t run using stamina) but on PC I couldn’t unsee it.

I made some corrections lately that made things better, but still not good enough. So I’ve finally reverted to an old camera system, a lot easier, and it’s a lots nicer now.

Basically now the camera just follows a virtual point in front of the player at a fixed height.


I’ve also moved life/armor bars at the bottom of the screen, and added the stamina bar there. The life bar above player as been removed as there was a weird effect when camera was slowly moving that I couldn’t correct (the bar “randomly” moves 1px around).





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