Alien Blitz : more particles, shrapnels, new sprites

I am quite motivated at the moment and I’m adding some graphical stuffs to the PC version, to make it better :

  • Particle slider in the options, 3 positions : low / medium / high
    • Low is like the mobile version
    • Medium add more effects to bullets and such
    • High add even more effects and make particle a bit more “complex” (will bounce on floor and such)
  • Auto detection of graphical quality, if your PC seems powerfull enough (based on number of cores and max MSAA available) then quality will be set to high, medium otherwise (can be changed manually of course)
  • More particles effects
  • Chain lightning will now generate random sub-chains when hitting a wall
  • New sprite for laser based weapons (player and monsters)


Rocket shrapnel:



Impact on wall:


Monsters fireball debris:


Chain lightning on walls:


New laser beam sprite:







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