Alien Blitz: updating

Mobile versions

Tests are now completed, the new update (1.3.3) is being published (could take a few days) :

  • Corrected a bug at then end of map e01m06
  • Cheat menu is back (if activated…)
  • Misc minor changes

I’ve spent some times updating the iOs version as I had lots of updates to do at once, and I had a few troubles:

  • iOs 9 now requires to support iPad multitasking, I just changed the configuration a bit to indicate the game is full screen (<key>UIRequiresFullScreen</key><true/> in info.plist.xml)
  • For some reason the game was not fully signed, i just renamed executable file and it worked afterwards (I guess executable name must not contain “:” or space)
  • I still have a few warning during compilation about some build version during link part, but it doesn’t stop compilation

And I’m not sure if ads still work on android demo version, if they don’t I will just remove them on next build, doesn’t really matter anyway.



PC version

I made some last corrections on the demo/alpha PC version, mainly some wrong screens or texts (used by Android demo version) and some missing monsters (because this version uses some mechanisms of the, very, old snorms demo).

I still have something I’d like to correct before releasing it: when player is walking against a wall or a monster (depends on walls/angle/… it does not always happen) it seems like he is pushed backwards on very small distance & very quickly (1 out of 2 frames at 60fps). It is because player position is updated every frame but engine is updated only at 30fps, and both don’t seem to agree on player position in this case.

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