Alien Blitz: ios, PC demo


iOs 1.3.3 update has been approved and should be deploying soon. It took longer than usual, but in the end everything’s fine and the build is iOs 9 approved 🙂




PC demo

I’ve corrected again a few things on the PC version :

  • Player was disappearing in a specific spot, I guess it did that for quite a long time, but I never noticed it (when moving in a specific spot near the point player lands at start)
  • Camera has been tweaked, it will move more slowly on PC now.
    Users on PC will tend to go quicker than mobile users (controls are easier, and there is stamina/run) and fast moving character + fast moving camera (when turning quickly for example) was giving a strange effect.

I will continue doing some tests but I think it should be really close to completion now.

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