Alien Blitz: android, ios, pc

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, with my job I have less time to work on my games, so everything goes more slowly, but I’m still working 🙂


I was working on the Android version last weeks, making it up-to-date with PC version, and correcting a few bugs.

  • New life bar
  • Bigger sprites
  • New loading screen
  • A few smaller updates

This version has been tested and should be published soon on Google Play & IGS




I’m currently building the iOs version, but I had to reinstall my iOs environment, so it might take a little more time than usual. I also have to work on the screenshots that are not working very well on the App store.



I will publish the PC version as a beta on IGS when I update the Android version there, and also publish the demo version on Steam.

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