Desura: get your key before it’s too late !

Desura had quite some troubles lately, after being bought and sold a few times it is now in bankruptcy.

The site is still up and downloads are available, but I have no idea for how long, so I made a process for people who bought Snorms there and don’t want to everything.
Sadly I can’t get the list of users who bought the game, so I can’t contact them nor can I check if they have really bought the game later on if the Desura website goes down.

So, here’s the process to get a key on this/my website :

  • Log in on Desura website
  • Go to
  • Click the “Connect Game” button
  • It will redirect you to a URL like :
  • Bookmark the resulting page (or just write the URL somewhere, or send it to you by mail,…)

On this page you canĀ  already :

  • Download Alien Blitz for Android
  • Download Snorms for PC (Windows/Linux/Mac)

And soon you will also get Alien Blitz for PC there, and Steam key if Alien Blitz comes to Steam.

So use the connect button quickly and keep the page URL !

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