Alien Blitz: mobile update & PC alpha

There was quite a lack of updates lately, I have a new job and didn’t want to spend too much time on personal projects for the first days/weeks.

But now it should be okay, I should have enough free time to work on games. My first priority is to complete Alien Blitz (making an Alpha version for PC and work on PR stuff)


Mobile update

Since the random bug I discovered on PC doesn’t affect mobile (and is now corrected) I’ve continued working on the last update for Android, it’s okay now and has been pushed on all available platforms:

I will do a few more tests on recent iPhone devices soon, but as far as I know everything should be good (I just have to update the store page that doesn’t display enough screenshots).


PC alpha

I’ve continued thinking about the PC version, and came up to the conclusion that I will soon release an alpha version, I call it alpha as it will be missing some functions and might contain bugs, other than that it should be fairly complete (except if I get interesting suggestions).

Another difference with final release is that there is a welcome screen every time you start the game with links to suggestion box & greenlight page.

I will also release a demo version, limited to episode 1 and without save feature.


I’ve also changed a few things :

  • There are now 3 fonts used within the game
    • Fairfax (the old one, pixel looking, used in the title bar in above screenshot and some buttons)
    • Ubuntu mono (used on buttons and most controls)
    • Ubuntu (used on long texts, labels)
  • Moving the mouse will also move viewpoint, so on PC viewpoint is centered with mouse position (if using mouse) + mecha look at direction

Most of the build process (building, obfuscating, packaging) is ready, but now need testing:

  • Windows 32bits (exe)
  • Linux 32bits (sh)
  • Linux 64bits (sh)
  • MacOS 64 bits (command)

There is no installer, it’s just a zip to extract. I have some troubles with MacOS as OpenJDK seems to require X11 and will ask user to install it (once installed it’s ok), not sure if that is supported/accepted with Steam so I might have to do something else for Mac, as for now it should be sufficient (you can alter the .command file and point to a local jre installation instead)

This version will be published on IGS along with Snorms (as a “gift”, meaning you can still have the old isometric version or this one) and maybe also on Desura if I can make it work there (also along with Snorms). The demo version will be available directly from this website.

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