Alien Blitz: loading screen, color/scale, builds

Loading screen

New level loading screen, the old one was still using some graphics I did at the beginning of Snorms development

capture_2015-05-14_11-20-27_0979_Alien_Blitz_ capture_2015-05-14_11-20-31_0314_Alien_Blitz_

There’s no more indication of what is being loaded (the 4 old steps), and no percentage (which was not accurate because of the 4 different loading steps), just a loading bar that is somewhat accurate.

There’s also a nicer fade out effect at the end of loading screen.


Color / scale

Color of the mecha has been slightly changed, a bit less saturated, and the blue part is a bit more visible.


And everything has been slightly scaled up (10% for most items, except for player that is scale 20%)




I am finally using an official JRE for MacOs, and OpenJDK for Windows/Linux, it seems to work fine that way. I had some troubles initializing a CubeMap framebuffer on Mac, but it’s corrected now (I will have to update my tutorial accordingly).

I’m continuing tests on PC, so far I just have some unknown errors with the level editor.

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