Alien Blitz: level 1, alpha progress

Level 1

The first level has been slightly updated


The progression is made easier for new players:

  • First room just teaches about buttons, not buttons & monsters at the same time, and player is forced to go there
  • Second room teaches about monsters, only one way out too
  • Then a small open space with multiple directions, but animation player saw by pushing the button should make them understand where to go now
  • Then the room with the button to the end has a new exit that goes to the southern outside area, and this exit is located near the money box, so player should have seen it (otherwise it’s not important, it’s just some goodies)

Second level is pretty straight forward, so no changes needed, and by third level player should know how to play 🙂


Alpha progress

I’ve corrected a few glitches, but other than that the game seems to work fine on Windows/Linux, it needs more testing on OS X still (but my mac mini is too slow, I tried doing some hackintosh virtual machines but had no success (no guest additions and slow on Virtualbox, crashes on VMWare)).

I have very random problems with the Level editor on Linux, no idea why, the level editor just exits, no exception, no core dump, nothing. So I suspect it’s another OpenGL crash that will be very hard to pinpoint.
I’ve updated LibGdx to latest version, and removed all threads (except the main one), maybe it will help. Anyway Level editor is not top priority, if it doesn’t work on some config it’s no big deal at the moment.

So, current status is that I need to continue testing, and if everything goes well there should be an alpha version soon (demo on Greenlight, full version as a gift with Snorms)

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