Space ships

2d space ships

Quite some time ago I tried to work on some 2d space ships :


It was inspired by work

The good thing with 2d is that adding details doesn’t use more memory/gpu/cpu, problem is that it doesn’t scale/rotate very well (especially with details)


Low poly

So I tried some 3d low poly render (made with blender) :


It’s just some prototype but I quite like it, and it made me want to retry working on the game I was thinking for this asset.

As you might guess ship building / customization will be quite important in this game

Here’s some top views, probably the exploration/combat type of view :

scene_top scene_top_far

(background texture by Lyshastra on deviantart)

More info soon I guess if I continue working on that (not sure yet, I don’t have a lot of free time)

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