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Mobile site

I received a mail from Google to tell me that my website was not appropriate for mobile, I knew it of course but never bothered looking into that up to now.

So I installed a theme switcher for WordPress (any mobile theme switcher), and a very simple theme (mobile). So mobile user will now get a simple theme that should display most pages nicely.

2015-03-19 21.12.54

I just had to manually set the menu name in one php file as wordpress does not support two theme configurations active at once, other than that it seems fine.

You can always choose the desktop version in your browser settings/menu if you want to.


App store

I’ve been able to test the latest update on a 64bit iPhone version, and it was also accepted for beta test, so maybe it means I’ve solved the issue. If I have not I will have to get an iPhone 6 or iPad air 2 / iPad mini 2 as I think issues comes from 64bits releases.

What I did is that I updated Libgdx and robovm to latest builds, cleaned robovm cache (delete .robovm/cache directory), rebuilt everything and increased eclipse heap size so that a full compilation doesn’t crash (might have been the problem before as it seemed to crash during 64bits compilation). The compilation lasted something like 10-15 minutes, we will see if it worked.

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