Crazy Minecart : 3d ?

As I was playing with low poly 3d lately I thought about trying to get crazy minecart in 3d.

Currently Crazy Minecart is in 2d:



What it could look like in 3d, blender renders:



And a rear view (I’ve moved the cart away from water)


I can’t make “organic” models (human), only artificial ones (or simple natural ones), so I doubt I will create a character to put in the cart, maybe I’ll be able to find a free one, or I’ll just leave the cart empty.

But I can make trees and such, some tutorials are very good, it will add details on the border (or make the water obstacle more visible for example).

So yea, maybe I will work on creating a new crazy minecart version, what bothers me the most is updating all the surrounding frameworks for that (ads, google play services, game center,…).

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