Alien Blitz: site update, update

Site update

I did not update this website for quite some time, most screenshots were outdated, there were missing links, old text,…

So I’ve updated a bit everything with accurate information

  • The press section (alien blitz sub section) is now up-to-date with new screenshots, video, and links. There are also more art in different format if needed.
  • I’ve removed most of the snorms pages, just keeping a smaller one with links
  • Updated alien blitz pages with missing links (the iOs version was not even mentioned) and updated screenshots
  • Updated the greenlight banner, I was using a third-party service but it was quite slow and logo was not working anymore, so I transfered everything on my website directly

Of course I do all this mainly because I want to contact press soon, so everything needs to be cleaned.



My last release has been rejected on iOs, apparently it couldn’t start on last iOs version, problem is it is working fine on my end but I was testing the dev version, not the release. So I changed a few things but most importantly I updated LibGdx and robovm, I was a few version behind and there were some bugs corrected since.

It also allowed me to test the beta system for App Store (TestFlight), I just had to generate a new provisioning profile, install TestFlight and that’s it, I can test release build more easily now. So I know the new build I am pushing definitely works on my iPod touch with iOs 8.1.3.

I also found a little bug in the French translation, the end of level stats were messed up, nothing huge it was just a graphical error, but I have updated Android version too then.

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