Alien Blitz: new update (mobile), stamina (PC)

New update (mobile)

While digging on the possible errors that could have triggered the last update rejected on app store I noticed some errors were not correctly trapped, and that I had no way to check if errors happened on the iOs version.

So I’ve made some changes:

  • Automatic anonymous error reports are back, whenever an error occurs the stack trace is sent to my website (anonymous, the report just contains a few system parameters and the stack trace). It means I need the network permission back for the full release on Android.
  • I’ve corrected the process that catch errors, and it should work again if option file is corrupted (if it gets corrupted option file is reset and a message is displayed to warn user)
  • I’ve added more exception catching in missing places (basically exception catching was working fine when playing a level, but not always on startup and in menus)
  • The splash screen should disappear quicker on iOs (was 2.5 seconds on my iPod, it is now 2 seconds spent only in LibGdx stuff I can’t change)

I’ve also included some changes on balance, shotgun has been nerfed at high level, and double shotgun has been boosted. So player should upgrade to double shotgun at high level.

I will send this update soon on the mobile platforms.


Stamina (PC)

I like the stamina that was present in old versions of Alien Blitz (Snorms in this case), I removed it for mobile as it is quite hard to manage for the player, but I’ve decided to add it back on PC.

The way stamina now works (PC only):

  • Player uses stamina by pressing the shift key or the Y button of the controller (on xbox controller)
  • The auto lock button has been moved to the back button (xbox controller) by default, can be changed anyway
  • When using stamina player will move quicker if he is on ground (does not work when jumping, to avoid breaking levels)
  • When using stamina and shooting the weapons will reload a lot quicker and deal a little more damage (but it uses a lot of stamina)
  • Stamina will go up after 2 seconds (stamina button must be released)
  • By default stamina status is not visible on screen, but it can be turned on in the options.

So basically it works a lot like old stamina, except maximum stamina can’t be upgraded with level ups.

Here’s a little screenshot with stamina bar visible:


I’ve also removed most of the sprite borders, and made the camera a little closer.

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