Alien Blitz: z-fighting on nexus 10, mobile version

Z-fighting on nexus 10

I had some craziness happening only on my Nexus 10, some kind of z-fighting / image flickering

2015-02-17 13.43.25

I could somewhat reduce it by increasing camera near, and reducing far, but not completely remove it (at least now camera near/far is dynamically computed to get best values).

It appears I had to change the float resolution in the shaders

precision highp float;

What I don’t get is that it is working fine on other devices with mediump, and that it was working fine with previous version…

So I guess I’ll use highp from now on, and hope it doesn’t reduce framerate too much (doesn’t seem to change anything so far).


Mobile version

Most of the updates lately were targeted at the PC version of Alien Blitz, and I should update the trailer/screenshots soon.

But as I worked quite a lot on the engine and some other stuff I need to release a new mobile (Android/iOS) version too:

  • Small bugs/glitches correction
    • misplaced textures
    • some rare bug correction
    • achievements sometimes not displayed
    • bad check conditions for no damage achievements
  • Reduced video memory consumption
  • Small performance upgrade
  • Small graphical changes
    • Fade out at end of level
    • New item pick up effect
    • Sprite border in high quality (advanced options)
  • New advanced option screen
  • New end of level screen

I am currently testing it, if everything goes well (and assuming I don’t add anything new) there should be an update by the end of the month.

At the moment I just played one level on all my test devices (nexus 7, nexus 10, galaxy s3, ipod touch) and it seems fine, but it needs more testing of course.

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