Alien Blitz: total destruction, random levels

Total destruction

Total destruction mod is back! I removed it as I was having some issues with 3d voxels and total destruction, but they are solved now.

Total destruction is a game mod that allows almost all blocks/walls to be destroyed, it can be activated only after completing the game, and you won’t get any xp/money/… when using it (like other mods). It can only be activated after completing the game.

Like other game mods it will only be available on PC.


For “historical” reasons some blocks are not fully considered blocks in the engine, and they can not be destroyed.

Most of the time it makes the map unplayable, and always break gameplay, but it’s fun to try once in a while.


Random levels

I wanted to try to test some random levels generation for quite some time, so I am currently trying a few things.

Basically a lot of level generator are dungeon generator, usually for D&D or other rpg. They work fine for this kind of game, but couldn’t work on Alien Blitz. These level generators usually generate rooms then corridors, and in the end try to get a workflow working with that.
It’s not what I want for Alien Blitz, in Alien Blitz I want a workflow to be generated first, then rooms and corridors.

Basically here is a test diagram I made quickly

AB - level generation

There are corridors that need something to be passed (keys, switches, monster killed,…) and rooms with multiple links (labyrinth). This diagram is simplified, but the idea is that the red key door could be anywhere in the “no condition” zone, not especially in the last room.

And difficulty of the rooms (green=easy, blue=medium, red=difficult) will be used to determine which monsters to place and such.

It’s interesting to try to come up with an algorithm, I don’t know if it will make anything good or if I will use it, but testing that is fun 🙂

At the moment I can generate a very basic diagram, empty rooms and corridors. Most of the work that had to be done was to generate a level that the game could load from a simple model, problem is that Alien Blitz has come a long way, and level is a very old code. If I was to redo that now I would just use json thanks to LibGdx.

Here is an example of a workflow diagram (very basic, needs improvements)

AB -test

( diagram, very nice to work with as it can import/export a simple xml format to work with in any language)

And the resulting “level”


The player starts on the bottom right, some rooms are not connected as the algorithm could not find a way to create a corridor, so it’s supposed to use teleporters.
And there will also be some small rooms dynamically created in the long corridors.

Of course it’s just a really basic start of a prototype as of now, but it’s interesting for me.

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