Alien Blitz: shadow mapping, edge & border

Shadow mapping

I’ve cleaned up the code for shadow mapping, it was really a mess before that.

And I also made lots of tests, trying lots of different ways to render shadows, soften them,… I’ve finally concluded that I really like current (mobile) lighting technique, it’s colorful and very soft, problem is that shadows only apply to terrain.
So I’ve decided to try and generate shadows just for sprites and I think it could be ok.

Performance are a lot higher (still not using a cache system, lights are recalculated each frame) so I also tried enabling shadows for particles (bullets)


I am not sure I will keep shadows on particles (too much updates), but definitely I think I will add shadows on sprites, it’s a lot nicer. These shadows will only be available on PC, mobile devices can’t really handle them.

I’ve also virtually set the lights higher to the ground, to get smaller shadows.


Edge & border

I’ve also made some more tests on edges, it gave me some good ideas for some cool low poly rendering, but it would be for another game.

First adding borders around sprites


And mixing that with edge on terrain


I definitely like borders around sprites, it would of course require some work (no borders for decoration sprites, maybe different colors for monsters or power ups,…). Not sure about the terrain stuff, maybe it needs some more work first.

To add borders around sprites I have just added a new render phase that just renders some basic color where sprites are supposed to be, and I use this texture in the final render to add borders.


I have some more stuff to play with 🙂

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