Alien Blitz: new mecha model, misc

New mecha model

The new mecha model is now official, I could make the few needed animations (walk/jump) and everything’s fine


It doesn’t change that much, it just looks smoother and uses a bit less video memory.



Some misc changes:

  • You can’t buy infinite number of power ups anymore, only one of each type per map (was too cheaty at high level since player has lot of money available)
  • Ammo needed for bombardment has been reduced
  • Ammo price has been increased in new game +
  • Corrected a few rare loading lags on Android
  • Corrected the decoy power up that was crashing the game

As always I end up building a release, doing a few tests and then decide to change a small thing; so I have to build a new release and so on… This is an endless process…
So if I don’t find anything else to add this release might be published soon (at least on Android, I had a few licensing trouble with iOs lately, I can now test on my iPod touch but I hope I can also publish it)

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