Alien Blitz: new game +, tests

New game +

In new game + / nightmare mode the mission level has been changed, it now starts higher (65 instead of 45) and ends higher too (110 instead of 100)

And now mission rewards are considered level 65 in new game +, so for example when completing the first map you will get money & xp as if you completed a level 65 map (was considered level 0 before, as it is level 0 when playing normal playthrough) BUT last map is also considered level 65 (too avoid crazy xp/money you would get at level 110, you still get more xp/money than first maps though as there are more boxes and monsters)

The level cap has been removed, but starting at level 70 the way levels are computed change and it becomes a lot harder to get new levels.

And finally when in nightmare difficulty the weapons can be upgraded above level 20 (up to 40), but it’s very very expensive (and less efficient than upgrading previous levels, but at least you can spend some crazy amount of money on something).



Tests are going smoothly, there have been a few balance changes but no bug so far. So it’s good.

At first I just wanted todo a few tests on mobile and do a full run on PC with cheats, but I ended up doing a 100% hard mode legit run (mixing usb gamepad, moga gamepad, or just touch controls) on my Nexus 7 (old version). It went very well, just a few frame drops at a few places (crowded area) but nothing huge.

I am now continuing playing on the new game + mode (hence the balance changes), I am almost at the end and I am pleased as end is quite hard but not just impossible. I am even considering adding a new game ++ mode with increased difficulty (sort of like uvhm mode of Borderlands)

I’ve also changed 2 levels in episode 2, just adding shortcuts to go back to to the start (to avoid resetting level just for a missing monster/box/secret if you plan on doing 100%)

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