Alien Blitz: low poly mecha

Low poly mecha

I’ve been playing with blender latelly, I wanted to try to do some low poly stuff. Usually beginners tutorials teach you how to use blender and create a tree, the result is usually pretty good.
But when I tried to apply what I learned to do a mecha… yea it was pretty much horrible, I’m no artist 🙂


But then instead I tried editing the current model, and change it so that most voxels are replaced by faces, and this time result is pretty good (new one / original) :

capture_2015-02-23_14-30-07_0115_Alien_Blitz_ capture_2015-02-23_14-32-16_0040_Alien_Blitz_

It’s smoother, and when viewed from farther away it looks a lot nicer than current model.


And even better it uses less faces/vertices, so that’s very good.

I will continue working on that, I am currently implementing an armature


I know LibGdx can use this armature directly, but it’s not part of my engine, so I think I will just export the different animation steps (using this armature of course) as I was doing before (it’s just a few exports anyway). But for a future engine it could be very useful.




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