Alien Blitz: end screen, small graphical changes, option screen, camera

End screen

I’ve redesigned the end screen:


There are more information, but I think it’s easier to read now, there are checkboxes indicating if the objective has been met. When completing the level the checkboxes will be checked one after another, with a sound to indicate if the objective is met or not.

Completed bonuses are now visible, they were still taken into account before but not displayed, I’ve also added new bonus, there are now 7 bonuses:

  • 100% kill
  • 100% secrets
  • 100% boxes
  • All 100% completed
  • No damage taken
  • No checkpoint activated
  • Pacifist (no damage to a monster by one of the player weapon)

It’s theoretically possible to get all 7 bonuses, but it’s quite hard (mixing pacifist and 100% kill means all monsters must be killed by infighting, or indirect kills such as barrels or falling into lava/poison)

When a mine is captured it will now be displayed (it was just hidden before, but they were still generating money).


Small graphical changes

Smooth black borders on the edge of the maps


It’s a bit better for immersion.

Fire/poison/death effect

They are now handled by a shader, previously it was a texture applied on top of the screen, but it was a bit laggy.

End of level effect

When completing a level the screen will slowly fade to black.


Option screen

Option screen now has tabs to group different options.


And the quality settings have been added




Camera will less change its zoom settings, it was a bit harsh sometimes when moving in rooms with pillars as it was continuously adapting zoom. Now the zoom setting will be more stable and only change when really needed.

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