Alien Blitz: edge detection

I was just wondering if edge detection could render something nice for Alien Blitz, and now that I understand better how the multi pass work I can easily add an edge detection pass.

(screenshots are: soft edge, stronger edge, no edge; only terrain edge is displayed atm)

capture_2015-02-02_12-54-10_0209_Alien_Blitz_ capture_2015-02-02_12-54-36_0000_Alien_Blitz_ capture_2015-02-02_12-54-57_0619_Alien_Blitz_

(I also need to correct shadows, this shader is a bit old, I should use the one from the tutorial)

Basically this new pass renders the scene saving only normals (rgb) and depth (alpha) information, then in the final render I check if there is a significant difference in these informations.



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