Alien Blitz: balance, help


Some more modifications on balance:

  • Lowered ammo capacity for all weapons
  • Added free ammo for shotgun on maps 1 & 2 (time for player to understand he mustn’t waste them)
  • Previously you were getting more ammo depending on your level, now it depends on the map level (helps if you are under-level, more consistent if you are not)
  • Lowered ammo from boxes & life from medkits on hard/nightmare



I’ve changed help screens, they are now popup with image & description. You must close them by touching screen / pressing a gamepad button / pressing a key.

They can be turned off in the options, but they are just in the first 3 maps anyway and are only blocking once (after viewing them there will just be the small non blocking tooltip)

capture_2015-02-18_19-16-54_0393_Alien_Blitz_ capture_2015-02-18_19-18-59_0299_Alien_Blitz_



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