Alien Blitz: balance, ammo screen, misc changes


I’ve reviewed again how ammo are used/stored. What I was doing up to today was that, like all other weapon characteristics, ammo storage was increasing with weapon level. It means that at high level you basically have “infinite” ammo (well, you have so much to not worry about when using basic weapons).

So I’ve reviewed all that

  • There is still an ammo storage increase when leveling up weapon, but smaller (15% every 5 level)
  • Ammo box will not give more ammo depending on level on hard/nightmare difficulty, and less on normal (same as before on easy)
  • Lowered cell & explosive weapons base storage
  • Lowered cell consumption for: chain lighting, railgun
  • Lowered explosive consumption for: bombardment, grenade launcher
  • Shotgun will use a bit less ammo at high level (but still shoot the same number of bullets)
  • UZI will now shoot less bullets at low level (6 instead of 8) and more at higher level (10 instead of 8)

It does not change a lot of things at low level (episode 1), but at higher level it makes searching for ammo more important than it is now, and if you play in higher difficulty you will even have to buy ammos sometimes.


Ammo screen

The munition screen had not been updated for quite some time now, time for a small redesign


It now has some icons, unused spaces have been removed, and you can buy either buy a small amount of munition, or fill up your storage.
Prices have been slightly increased.

And the first time you run out of ammo you get this help screen too


Of course this message is only displayed once.

Misc changes

Some other changes

  • The first boss when used as a regular monster will not use the rock wall attack (when he throws rocks that stay on the ground to block player) as it is a bit laggy on low/medium end device
  • The first boss when used as a regular┬ámonster will not awake randomly anymore
  • Added a missing sentence in the interlude screen in episode 1

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