Alien Blitz 1.3.1

Alien blitz has been updated !

This update does not add any new content, it tweaks balance, make some graphical changes and correct a few bugs.

You should really vote on Greenlight to make this game available on Steam (Linux / Windows / Mac) with more content & better graphics !

Changelog version 1.3.1


  • Limited power up to one per type per mission
  • Less munitions can be stored
  • Ammo boxes content has been tweaked
  • Ammo consumption reduced for chain lighting, railgun, bombardment, grenade launcher, shotgun & double shotgun
  • UZI will shoot a different number of bullets depending on level
  • Ammo price increased and level dependent in nigthmare mode
  • Less health in medkit in hard & nightmare difficulties
  • No more level cap


  • Updated nightmare / new game +: increased monster level, weapons can be upgraded to level 40
  • New model for mecha
  • Material element will not use rock wall attack when not used as a boss
  • Free munitions for shotgun in first 2 levels
  • Reduced video memory consumption
  • Small performance upgrade
  • Fade out at end of level
  • New item pick-up effect
  • New advanced option screen
  • New end of level screen


  • Misplaced textures on left walls
  • achievements sometimes not displayed
  • bad conditions for no damage achievements
  • few rare loading lags on Android
  • decoy power up not working
  • Added way back to start on 2 levels in episode 2
  • Material element randomly waking up

Update has been pushed on:

Update should be available soon depending on platform (immediately, few hours or few days).

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