[tutorial] Shadow mapping with LibGdx (3d, shadow mapping, lighting)

My first (big) tutorial is now ready!

Shadow mapping with LibGdx

In this tutorial you will learn how to render shadows with LibGdx 3D, here are some of the covered points:

  • Directional Lights
  • Point Lights
  • Multiple lights, multi-pass / forward rendering
  • PC, Android, iOS

The tutorial can be downloaded as a PDF here, the project source code is available here, and an online HTML version of the tutorial is also available.




I really enjoyed making this tutorial, it forced me to look deeper into lots of things and try to explain things. I might do other tutorials in the future.

Please note that I am not a native English speaker, so if you encounter errors, typos or some clumsy sentences don’t hesitate to contact/help me (haedri@microbasic.net)





capture_2015-01-28_21-44-25_0283_ShadowMapping_pdf_ capture_2015-01-28_21-44-33_0287_ShadowMapping_pdf_ capture_2015-01-28_21-44-48_0848_ShadowMapping_pdf_ capture_2015-01-28_21-44-59_0259_ShadowMapping_pdf_

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